Fat Pig Panthers Fan Wearing Thong Arrested At Buccaneers Game [VIDEO]

You know what’s fun on a Tuesday morning in December? Finding a chubby chick with fat flaps hanging over her jeans, wearing a Carolina Panthers jersey and having her face kinda curb stomped for being a drunken idiot at a game. This went down Sunday in Tampa. Not sure of what caused Chubby to get beer muscles, but watch these cops grab her ass and slam her to the ground.

Bonus points for that thong making it’s world debut.


Posted: December 4, 2011

Premise of Video: (via vlogger) A very drunk Panthers fan picks a fight with a Bucs fan..and the results are unpleasant for her and nauseating for the rest of us. Her husband (?) is wearing the Bucs jersey and is pushing around the usher.

Climax of Video: The woman eating concrete is funny, but wait until that ass shakes its way up the stairs. Kevin the Intern’s dream chick.

Conclusion: It was always disappointing when the U.S. government used outdoor cages and sleep deprevation to ‘break’ detainees at Guantanamo. Stick this pig into the cage with them and let her shake her ass. Striptease right in their faces.

“You don’t want to talk today, Muhammed? Yo, Corporal Lindsey, bring in the fat pig Panthers fan.”

4-5 minutes max before these terrorist scumbags break. No possible way a human could listen or watch this tank any longer than that.


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