Fan Stabbed At Ravens-Browns Game Shows Wicked Wounds! [Video]

It’s dangerous being a Cleveland Browns fan. Or maybe sad is the word we’re looking for…

Hell, it looks like it’s both right now. The Browns are 4-8 and going nowhere fast, at least this season. That means Browns fans aren’t real happy, which, let’s face it — is pretty much a perpetual state. They still turn out to support their team, though. And some of them turn out to stab other Browns fans in the bathroom.

Here’s Browns fans Mike Dobriansky (is that a Cleveland name or what?) telling us how someone got all stabby with him in the bathroom at last Sunday’s Browns loss to the Baltimore Ravens.


Posted: Dec. 5, 2011

Premise of Video: Cleveland Browns fan Mike Dobriansky tells us how he get stabbed in a bathroom at Sunday’s game. He also shows us his cuts.

Climax of Video: The cuts to his hand are… tiny! It turns out this stabber wasn’t very good at utilizing his weapon of choice. We’re guessing he was probably drunk. Oh, and go figure — no one helped Dobriansky. You’d think he wouldn’t be going back to see the Browns, but, well, he’s a Browns fan.

Conclusion: Can we say some people in Cleveland are dumb? No? Okay, fine. How about the Browns suck? Yup. I thought so.

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