Drunken Matt Leinart Tongue Banging His Friend’s Ear; Plus Herbstreit! [PHOTOS]

Now, before you guys start emailing us “That photo of Matt Leinart muff diving his buddies ear is like 4 years old,” just know that it’s new to us. And if Matt Leinart tonguing his buddies ear is new to us, it’s new to the thousands of loyal BC readers. We have obligations and that includes giving you a photo that includes Leinart, Kirk Herbstreit and Harold Reynolds. Yes, probably one of the craziest drunken pic combos in BC history. 

The drunken photo scene has been dry lately so we put the word out to a few of our sources that it was time to start digging into the archives. How old is the Leinart Licking Ear pic? 2-3 years old? Maybe.

Why bring it out today? Because we felt like it. It’s a slow Tuesday, ESPN is busy rambling on about the Mets not signing Jose Reyes and “what it all means.” If you’re into that garbage, have at it. We just feel like you guys want more out of your dicking-off-time at work. You want Leinart Licking Lobe.

One last thing – How drunk does Kirk Herbstreit have to be before he starts throwing bro hand signals to the camera? 12:30 a.m. drunk? 1:15 a.m. drunk? Closing time drunk?

Have a photo of a drunken athlete that Busted Coverage needs to see and publish? We want to see and hear about it.

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Busted Coverage Now Owns Part Of Green Bay Packers
Busted Coverage Now Owns Part Of Green Bay Packers
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