Tiger Woods Mashed Potato On 18th [VIDEO]

When was the last time we paid attention to golf in December? Like never. But that changed yesterday when Tiger Woods won the Chevron Challenge in dramatic fashion with a birdie on the 18th. Also on the 18th, we learned there will be a new “In the hole!” tradition thanks to some guy who screamed “Mashed Potato” after Tiger drilled his drive down the middle.

Don’t think for a second this is the last you’ll hear of “Mashed Potato.”


Posted: Yesterday

Premise of Video: Covered that for you above. In other words, see above.

Climax of Video: MASHED POTATO!

Conclusion: Imagine how excited the execs at NBC Sports are after all the buzz surrounding a sport that was sinking quicker than a cheap whore swimming in Aruba. A single Tiger Woods winning golf tournaments is about as exciting as it gets in sports. Dude is back and women have been put on notice.

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