Mugger Gets Ass Beat By MMA Fighting Champion [PHOTO]

Anthony Miranda, a 24-year-old convicted felon, chose the wrong guy to mug on Friday.

Miranda walked up to a car on the Southwest Side of Chicago around 11:30 Friday night and asked the driver for a lighter before pulling a gun and demanding money. After getting the money, Miranda ordered the driver out of the car and well, pretty much got his ass kicked.

At some point, Miranda’s attention was diverted and the victim was able to grab control of the gun and the two wrestled.

During the fight, Miranda accidentally discharged his gun, shooting himself in the ankle, police News Affairs Officer John Mirabelli said.

The victim, who hasn’t been identified, told the police he was an ultimate fighting champion. He held Miranda down until police arrived and also made him look like he does in the photo above — couple black eyes, a bunch of cuts to the face.

Let this be a lesson to you. Be careful who you mug.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any idea who the guy is. Know anyone from the South Side of Chicago who’s a fighter? Shoot us an email.

[Would-Be Mugger Foiled by Ultimate Fighting Champion: Cops]

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