Matthew Barnaby Arrested For DUI, Hammered At Jack Astor’s Bar? [PHOTO]

We warned you guys a long time ago that Matthew Barnaby was a ticking time bomb. Take the news this morning that Barnaby was allegedly hammered, driving on three tires and had front-end damage to his Porsche Cayenne. What was Barns up to on Sunday? Oh, just getting absolutely (allegedly) sh!tfaced (photo is from yesterday) at Jack Astor’s Bar in Buffalo. How do we know? Because Barnaby live tweeted the proceedings! Good news: Barnaby didn’t kill anyone.

According to the local media police scanner hounds:

Erie County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a call of an SUV driving erratically without a front tire.

Deputies say Barnaby, 38, was behind the wheel of his Porsche Cayenne and driving on a rim, which caused sparks.  There was also significant front end damage.

The Sheriff’s Department says Barnaby failed several standard field sobriety tests and refused a breath test.  He was arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated.  His license was revoked because of the refusal.

Now, let’s dive into Barnaby’s tweets on Sunday.

This was 21 hours ago:

J e t s jets jets jets# runtheballbecausewedonthaveaqb

Also 21 hours ago:

Thanks to the toronto fan that just bought me linch at jack astors! #mustknowilosthalfindivirce haha

(Jack Astor’s is a Buffalo hotspot for guys wanting to slam wings and watch football.)

18 hours ago:

The above photo.

14 hours ago:

Barnaby updates us on his son scoring game-winner in some hockey game.

Early this morning:

Barnaby driving on three tires and destroying his Porsche.

Were you drinking with Barnaby yesterday/last night and have some crazy ass story to share with us? Are you a chick who was being hit on by Barnaby at Jack Astor’s and need to share a story? We want to hear from you.

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