Urban Meyer’s Ohio State Email Address Is…

BC’s very own college football sleuth, @ParadigmShift35, was working his sources last night and wouldn’t you know it, these super-intelligent, mostly single Internet dorks tracked down Urban Meyer’s new Ohio State email. Oh, and it seems he’s actually using it. Are you a jaded Florida fan who needs to have the last word? Are you a Michigan fan who wants to welcome Urb back to the Big Ten? What about you Indiana students who want to talk s%^&? 

As you see below, Savior is already in the email directory. That didn’t take long.

Of course we have an email into Urban asking him what his plan is to incorporate a tattoo giveaway for big hits in Big Ten play. Kinda like helmet stickers but so much better for the players. Expect a reply by an intern by Noon.

Did you get a response from the Urban Meyer email address? We want to hear about it.

[email protected]

Pull Your Pants Up You Stupid Little Jerkoff [Morning Twitpic]
Pull Your Pants Up You Stupid Little Jerkoff [Morning Twitpic]
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