Jenn Brown All Smiles After First Gatorade Shower [VIDEO]

Jenn Brown has had a fairly quiet 2011 season besides the news that we broke about her 2012 wedding to some actor. But her Thursday gig ended last night with a slight Gatorade bath, which Erin Andrews is making all the rage after she was soaked after Baylor beat Oklahoma. Jenn was just going about her business with WVU coach Dana Holgorsen when this bucket came flying in out of nowhere.

Dana’s skullet takes most of the juice. Jenn takes a glancing blow.

Posted: Last night by these dorkwads who aren’t getting laid & have nothing better to do

Premise of Video: WVU just beat South Florida on the road to get a share of the Big East Championship. The Mountaineers needs Cincy to beat UConn on Saturday to get the conference BCS bid to the Orange Bowl. Of course it’s a soak-the-coach moment.

Climax of Video: Jenn tells us that’s her first Gatorade bath. Insert joke where needed.

Conclusion: Horrible aim. The Gatorade needs to come in from Jenn’s left shoulder. Swim move from behind her and then just dump with the goal to hit the sideline reporter first and the remnants blast your coach in the face. You guys need to start practicing this in the showers. Get one of the medical staff interns to play ‘Jenn.’


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