Cheerleading Coach Nicole Zivich Fired For Working At Hooters? [PHOTOS]

It’s the story that has Fort Myers, Naples and 3/4 of the male population on the edge of its seat. How did Estero High School cheerleading coach Nicole Zivich lose her job? Was it because she slings wings at a local Hooters? Is it because she has breasts, wears a tight white t-shirt and holds bikini car wash fundraisers? That’s what Nicole thinks and she knows a cheerleading mother has sent 200+ emails to Estero re: that Hooters waitress.

According to Fox 4 in Fort Myers:

Zivich continues to get texts and calls from her squad. But she’s also getting something else – more than 200 emails sent to the school district, which she obtained through a public records request.

“Who writes 232 emails about one person in three months?,” said┬áZivich. “That’s more than an email a day…It’s obviously what I would call a personal vendetta against me.”

Personal comments all from one cheerleader’s mom who refers to Zivich as an “inexperienced 24 year old Hooters waitress” with “no professional credentials,” lacking “maturity and judgment” to be a cheerleading coach.

This is why we like the way China handles its overpopulation issues. Girls are just a pain in the ass unless they work at Hooters and are just minding their own business in this world. So mom has issues with Nicole. Mom finds out that Nicole works at Hooters. Mom tells the school district she’ll destroy them if they don’t fire Zivich.

Figuring that the mom has prostitutes lined up ready to tell on the school district, the honchos figure they’ll just ax the cheerleading coach, but make sure to over-tip on future visits to Hooters.

Nicole, let this be a lesson to you. Those hooters can come back to haunt you. You’re just lucky the mother didn’t claim you were raping her daughter. Run, as fast as you can, away from that high school. Nothing good is coming your way.

BTW, if you have Zivich Hooters bikini calendar photos we should be made aware of, hit us up.

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