LeBron James Mocks Stevie Johnson’s Plaxico Shooting TD Celebration [VIDEO]

We’d stopped watching last night’s LeBron James-Kevin Durant flag football game at the Akron indoor practice facility by the time this happened in the 3rd quarter. Spending an hour of life watching two quarters was plenty. But ESPN had an intern watching closely and look what happened.

Yep, that’s LeBron acting like an asshole and mocking the Stevie Johnson mocking Plaxico shooting himself TD celebration.

Posted: Last night

Premise of Video: LeBron being LeBron which means he’s pretty much copying pop culture that’s three days old.

Climax of Video: You get the idea.

Conclusion: We suppose Skip Bayless will have to dissect this for 45 minutes this morning. From all indications from our reporters on the ground, LeBron didn’t tear a hamstring or separate a shoulder. Sorry Cleveland, you lose again. Who won the flag football game? Pretty sure LeBron. Afterall, it was his turf and LeBron NEVER loses on his turf. How embarrassing would that be?


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