ESPN Wants You To Know Rare U.S. Black NHLer Retired Today

Mike Grier announced today that his 14-year career in the NHL is over. Of course ESPN took this as an opportunity to remind you that U.S. black guys don’t play hockey and that contrary to what you’ve been told, U.S. black dudes playing hockey is rare. Did you read that carefully. Black guys from Detroit, Pittsburgh, Boston, etc. don’t play hockey. Don’t make it to the NHL. 

According to, which had that clever teaser link on its homepage and its NHL page, reports:

Born in Detroit and raised in Boston, Grier was a ninth-round draft pick of St. Louis in 1993, and is one of the first black NHL players to have been born, raised and trained in the United States.

You know what we don’t see many black guys doing? Riding horses. Not many black dudes jumping hurdles on horses. Or swimming.

Maybe ESPN can investigate why black dudes aren’t riding horses or training racing greyhounds. Just betting on them. Or what about black dudes in lawn mower races. Never see that shit. Or volleyball. Black dudes should dominate the Jose Cuervo circuit, right? Just drilling volleyballs at some Brazilian cock monger.

Someone better start asking questions or we will.

[Mike Grier retires after 14 seasons]  [HT: Slanch Report]

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