Bills Chick Fan Spits On Jets Fan; Bills Chick Pelted With Trash [VIDEO]

Ahh, nothing like Wednesday morning with Bills Chick Fan spitting on a Jets fan to get you guys all fired up. Just look at Vinny from Queens still wearing his sunglasses and talking $&*@ with Bills chick over something obviously stupid. And then it happens. Bills chick comes in with the instigator spitting and it’s on. Of course Vinny isn’t going to be disrespected like that by some piece of western NY trash. It’s go time, beeeotch. 

“Vinny, brah, she just spit in your face. You can’t justa take that.”

Posted: November 29, 2011

Premise of Video: Obviously she called Rex Ryan a fat slob toe licker and Vinny thought his ex-wife bought a seat two rows behind him just to piss him off a little more in life. By the way, how great is it that the seats between these two are open. It’s as if Scorsese was directing this spat. Genius.

Climax of Video: Oh, hell yes she spit on him first. And, of course, Vinny and his boys return fire like U.S. forces dropping a brigade of terrorist scumbags. Bonus points for throwing trash at her.

Conclusion: Kinda proud of Bills Chick for taking it like a man. Always heard you don’t want to marry the wrong Buffalo chick. Unpredictable and you never really know what’s in your dinner soup.

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