Big Ten Championship Game Hiring Seat Fillers For $75? [Craigslist]

It’s the Craig’s List ad that is causing SEC fans in the Twitter-verse to choke on itself. Imagine the thought of the Big Ten needing seat fillers to make Saturday’s NebraskaWisconsin-Michigan State game look filled on national television. Imagine what it would look like for the Big Ten championship to be played in front of thousands of empty seats. If you believe this Craig’s List ad, some company is trying to fill seats in Indy this weekend. $75 to sit in a seat? That’s what we’re being told.

Of course muckraker Clay Travis of Outkick the Coverage and all things SEC is the one behind the ‘breaking news.’

This is the listing:

Event Seat-Filler (Indianapolis / Downtown)

Saturday night event in downtown Indianapolis needs seat-fillers. Total number of seat-fillers needed will vary based on crowd. Must tolerate loud noise and crowds. Event will last all evening on Saturday night. All ages, sexes, races, etc. Please use contact e-mail. Event planner will follow-up with exact details on location for staging of seat-fillers (additional information and instruction provided there).

Clay followed up with an email showing interest and was told that the gig paid $75. Of course the Big Ten says they aren’t behind the listing.

Fans, please be aware, regarding the Big Ten Football Championship Game, the Big Ten is NOT paying fans to attend. #B1GFCG

Key words – Big Ten is NOT.

We’re thinking of having Kevin The Intern apply and send his ass down from Purdue. Little extra cash for him this weekend.

Stay tuned.


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