Alexander Ovechkin’s New Girlfriend Is Maria Kirilenko [PHOTOS]

Washington Capitals forward Alexander Ovechkin has a new woman and it’s tennis player Maria Kirilenko.

Ovi tweeted a picture of his new squeeze today and we’ll say this — she’s a comely young lass. She’s also the 28th-ranked tennis player in the world.

At first we didn’t think she was Russian because, well, she doesn’t really look Russian and that’s a concern because Ovi has said he’ll only marry a Russian woman. Fortunately, this potential crisis has been diverted because Kirilenko was born in Moscow.

More importantly, Ovi is hot for her. Along with the photo, he sent out this tweet.

Me and my girlfriend Maria….she is my queen!!!!

In other words, “I’m off the market, broads!”

Maybe this explains the Caps poor play of late. Ovi has 18 points in 23 games this season, but he’s -6 in +/- and the Caps are a mediocre 12-10-1. And, let’s face it, he pretty much got coach Bruce Boudreau fired.

Kirilenko, who’s 24, didn’t have a terribly productive year either. She didn’t win any singles titles, although she did bring home two doubles trophies.

Hell, she gorgeous though, so we will salute you for that, Ovi. Oh, and maybe these two can prove a decent replacement for Wozzilroy. Or at least we hope.

While you’re considering that, consider this.
[Alexander Ovechkin Twitter]

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