Brett Favre Spent Thanksgiving In Gatlinburg, At Dollywood [PHOTO]

Imagine our surprise when doing our weekly Brett Favre photo searches and finding the ol’ Gunslinger posing for a pic in the gift section of a Cracker Barrel in Fort Payne, Alabama. Yeah, so friggin’ random, right? That photo is from Black Friday. Favre was on his way home from Tennessee. What was he doing in Tennessee, you ask? Secret workout for the Houston Texans? Looking for a job with the Titans?

Nope, just vacationing in Gatlinburg. Seriously.

@kdsmith08 writes about his experience meeting Favre at Cracker Barrel on Black Friday:

he said his family went up to Gatlinburg and they’re on their way home now.

By our count, Favre played in five Thanksgiving Day games, including the 2007 game when he threw for 381 and three TDs in his final Turkey Day appearance. In other words, he was about as common on the holiday as green bean casserole.

But not this year. He was spending quality time his first year away from the game just chillin’ at Dollywood and in that fun Tenn. town of Gatlinburg where most athletes can’t wait to visit once completing a HOF career. Makes sense. The guy is now a grandfather. Gotta do the grandfather things like get the baby’s picture taken in 1800s garb.

So, this should answer your questions about the ‘Slinger hunkering down in Mississippi and getting his shoulder into shape for the playoffs. The guy is busy buying crappy trinkets and eating at Cracker Barrel. The career is 99% officially over.

Did you meet Brett Favre at either Dollywood or in a Gatlinburg trinket shop? Have photos?

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