Baja 1000 Fan Decides To Get Better View Of Action [VIDEO]

For those of you who might not know, the infamous Baja 1000 race was held a couple weeks ago in Ensenada, Mexico where crazy, drunken locals went to extremes to view the rally truck/car action. Take Manuel, the dude you see in the hole trying to snap a photo. He obviously doesn’t have much to live for, hence the decision to throw himself in front of a speeding rally car. Um, not once, but twice!

This bro is our new Mexican hero. So long Jose Cuervo!

Posted: November 23, 2011

Premise of Video: As mentioned, this is the Baja 1000. Even Jesse James raced in the Baja. Yes, that Jesse James. Manuel is so pumped for the action, he decides an action shot for his Facebook wall is the obvious move during the race.

Climax of Video: Did he even duck? Didn’t think so. Bad…..ass!

Conclusion: Just think of this guy whipping a zero-radius mower around a suburban community. Dude won’t even flinch with giant Lexus SUVs heading for him. Total boss who should be working on a Visa right now in suburban Nashville.

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