73 Best WWE Diva Screencaps In History Of Internet [PHOTOS]

Nearly two weeks ago we celebrated the first-ever Busted Coverage Wrestling Week and it didn’t take long for you idiots to start complaining about our WWE Diva post. Jeff in Casper, Wyoming (didn’t know we had readers in Wy) wrote: “Great…I click thru 19 times ‘n only see one pic of each chick. WTF?” Well, Jeff, it just happens that the editors, being the good guys we are, went searching for something to make you happy. This should help.

A tipster sent us on a small chase that led to a treasure of WWE Diva screencaps. What we learned is that the art of screencapping is improving as technology evolves. Don’t like the older, pixelated non-HD Stacy Keibler shots? Too bad.