USC Song Girls 2011 Season Is Over [29 PHOTOS]

In case you’ve been living in a cave and didn’t realize it, the USC football team played its final game of the 2011 season Saturday and walked away with a 50-0 victory over UCLA. Of course there won’t be a BCS bowl or any bowl due to the Reggie Bush scandal that resulted in a two-year bowl ban. In other words, this is the final time you’ll see the Song Girls in action until next year’s Swim With Mike. One last look at the 2nd best cheerleading unit in college football.

As always, thanks to USC band photographer bchua_90007 for the photos. The guy has one of the best behind-the-scenes jobs in college football.

Do you have intel on the Song Girls that is BC worthy? Maybe an update on the Song Girls super-secret Halloween party. Or intel on one of the ladies dating Matt Barkley? Make this winter interesting.