Michael Jordan’s 1985 All-Star Game Game Shoes – $6,000!

What would you pay for a pair of someone’s sweaty sneakers?

Well, probably nothing. But what if they were Michael Jordan’s? That probably makes things a little different. Grey Flannel Auctions has a pair of game-worn Nike Air Jordan I on the block with a starting bid of $5,000. The auction, which ends on Wednesday, had a current bid of $6,655 late Monday afternoon.

Oh, we forgot to mention each shoe is autographed by Mike.

Jordan supposedly wore the shoes in the 1985 All-Star game, which was his first. Here’s former UNC photographer and seller Robert Crawford’s story.

I asked Michael if he would give me a pair of his new Nike shoes. At this game, he had already promised his shoes to someone but he asked when I would see him again. I told him at the All-Star Game in February. He promised me a pair from that game. On Sunday, the East team dressed in a football locker room so there was a lot of room around the player’s locker. After the game, Michael was swarmed with reporters but I was able to get his attention, I pointed to his shoes still on his feet. He took them off and threw them to me over the heads of the reporters. Since they were not yet signed, I put a black sharpie in one of the shoes and threw them back to him. I watched him sign both shoes and he threw them back to me, they have been in my personal collection since 1985.

Jordan also won the slam dunk contest that season by jumping from the free throw line, but it’s unclear whether he wore these particular shoes to do that. We doubt it, since NBA players pretty much get new shoes for every game.

As for the 85 All-Star game itself, Jordan started but only scored seven points on 2-for-9 shooting. He did add six boards and two assists, though. The West won 140-129 and MVP honors went to Ralph Sampson and his 24 points and 10 rebounds.

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