Jamal Mosley Cleats F-Bomb Into Mississippi State End Zone? [PHOTO]

This year’s Egg Bowl (Ole Miss-Mississippi St.) wasn’t exactly on the radar of the mainstream media so it makes sense that an f-bomb cleated into the MSU end zone was missed until today. Cow poke fans on Twitter claim that Ole Miss TE Jamal Mosley is responsible for that f-bomb you see in the pound sign that was painted especially for the 2011 Egg Bowl.

Guys, this is the greatest non-frat prank in rivalry weekend history. F-bombing an end zone! Clutch!

@bcallicott13 seems to be the original uploader to Twitter.

Jamal Mosley cleated the F word into the hashtag in the endzone. #classy#GTHOM

The message boarders at Tiger Droppings claim that Ole Miss teammates distracted MSU officials as Mosley cleated the paint. Of course Mosley once had rape allegations dog him into leaving the Oklahoma State football team.

We’ll wait until the SEC message boarders investigate and ask Mississppi State to review pre-game tape.