‘Forrest Grump’ Breaks Down Tebow’s Miracle Win Over Chargers [VIDEO]

You guys want a fair and balanced breakdown of yesterday’s Broncos-Chargers game? You want a breakdown of Tim Tebow’s game, yet can’t stand Merril Hoge’s hate for Baby Jesus? Well, say hello to our new NFL analyst, Forrest Grump. Just listen to how Forrest dissects Tebow’s miracle come from behind ‘W’ over the Chargers. Suck it, Esiason.

Grump tells us he’s keeping an eye on Tebow and something tells us he has nothing better to do.

Posted: Nov. 27, 2011

Premise of Video: Grump thinks the spread offense is useless in the NFL but continues to be impressed by how Tim Tebow wins football games. Of course Grump has trouble getting the words out.

Climax of Video: The finger wagging.

Conclusion: “He’s making Eric Decker look like a star.” This video was shot at 7:30 last night and it looks like Grump just got off the couch. That’s dedication, dammit. Dude is glued to the TV just breaking shit down like a true expert. Does he need to be at the stadium watching the games? NO f-ing way. Dude uses his DVR like a wizard just dissecting plays like a meth fiend looking for a fix.