This Black Friday Shoplifting Bro Has Face Smashed By Cops [VIDEO]

What led to this guy who had his face absolutely demolished by ‘Buckeye Police’ this morning during Black Friday is unclear. The uploader says cops thought he was shoplifting video games. Whatever the case, middle aged dude turned in the bloodiest Black Friday YouTube video we’ve ever seen. Wait until you see the pool of blood coming from this guy.

Happy Holidays, bro.

Posted: This morning

Premise of Video: (via the vlogger) “Man put two games under his shirt because his grandson got knocked down and hurt in the rush and he needed his hands to help his grandson. A cop saw and immediately arrested him for shoplifting. The man was cooperating while the cop was putting on the handcuffs. The cop out of no where tripped the man and bashed his head nose first into the ground knocking him out and there is blood everywhere. The cop did not know how to care for the man so someone that was there shopping had to help get blood out the mans airways. This was a K-9 cop already in a bad mood before this happened. “I got the walmart shift”

Climax of Video: That pool when they turn him over is quite impressive.

Conclusion: Kudos to the cops for at least making this arrest video interesting with all the blood. Otherwise this is just another video of a moron going to jail on Black Friday. That garbage doesn’t even get posted. Blood = pageviews. Great for the bottomline.

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