Florida State Playmate Amanda Cerny Hasn’t Heard From Brett Favre [PHOTOS]

Forget that for the first time since 1986, neither team is ranked, Amanda Cerny and her hot friends are reason enough for you to watch this weekend’s Florida- Florida State game. (Sat. Nov. 26 at 7 p.m. ET: TV:  ESPN2)

Cerny, Playboy’s Playmate of the Month for October 2011, is an international affairs major at Florida State. She loves to travel and watch football. The 20-year-old brunette from Martin County High School in Stuart, Fla. may get to do both on Saturday, as the Seminoles travel to face the Gators in Gainesville.

She talked to us earlier this season about Florida State football, Brett Favre and her babe factory of a high school.

Tell us about your appearance in Playboy and the experience of being named a Playmate.

“My appearance in Playboy has opened many new doors for me. The opportunities as a Playmate are endless. You get to meet so many fun, inspirational and interesting new people. ”

The Busted Coverage team has been to Tallahassee for Florida State games. Describe a typical FSU football weekend for you? Who is more obnoxious when drunk: guys or girls?

“The typical FSU football weekend would be Pot’s Happy Hour (Potbelly’s) on Friday afternoon, followed by a night out at 2020 or Rokbar Lounge. The next morning is tailgate time! All of the ‘Noles come out to celebrate their FSU pride and tailgate the day away. I usually find myself hopping from different tailgates all day.

“The fraternity tailgates are a lot of fun! I would have to say it is an even 50-50 on who is more obnoxious. I mean, it is a college town and on game days, alcohol consumption is at its highest for both guys and girls.”

Are you more of an Indian Village (drunken, unruly apartment complex) type or a frat house on the FSU campus type of girl?

“I would have to say neither. I only ever really go to the frat houses to tailgate before the football games. I am more of a bar/lounge type girl, if I do decide to go out.”

What’s the campus buzz about the FSU Cowgirls? We know you are a former Kappa Delta. Are the Cowgirls like their own sorority?

“FSU Cowgirls give everyone another reason to cheer at the game. They are sexy girls in Daisy Dukes and cowgirl hats that love their football! What’s not to love right? 😉 Hmmm, I am not sure if they are like their own sorority… I guess I would only know if I was a cowgirl myself.”

Have you run into former Cowgirl turned reporter Jen Sterger or heard any tales about her on campus?

“Everyone knows of Jen Sterger on campus. With all of her success, she gives the ‘Noles even more pride and bragging rights.”

Now that you’ve been in Playboy, do you expect Brett Favre will be sending you texts (like those he sent to Jen)? Is there an NFL quarterback – or anyone else — whom you want to get naked texts from?

“I never have given thought to that yet, but no I doubt I will be getting his texts anytime soon. I think I’m pretty content in the naked texts compartment.”

Are you the second person from your high school to appear as a Playmate (and is that some sort of a record)?

“I am the second person from my high school to appear as a Playmate. The first girl was Kelly Carrington, whose boyfriend submitted her photos to Playboy. I never actually knew Kelly in high school because she is five years older than me, but a lot of my friends knew her well. I have become close friends with her now through my whole experience in Playboy! I mean how could we not…

“We have so much in common now: we’re both Playmates, October Playmates, from the same high school and hometown, and we both even have the same astrological sign! …Haha. …I am not sure if this is a record or not to have two Playmates from the same high school.”

Find Amanda Cerny, Playboy’s Playmate of the Month of October 2011, and all the Playmates online at www.playboydigital.com.

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