Warren Moon Superfan Ashley Ferrara Has Birthday Gift For HOFer [PHOTOS]

You might remember Ashley Ferrara from earlier this football season when she was kind enough to turn in what is now considered amongst Internet observers as the greatest Oklahoma Sooners superfan photoshoot ever. (Keep in mind she’s in law school at OU.) She went from a relative unknown on Twitter with under 1,500 followers to a following just shy of 3,500 today. Last week we were chatting about football with Ashley & learned an interesting fact – she’s a huge fan of Warren Moon

Ashley had uploaded a sexy image and we just happened to notice a Houston Oilers helmet in the background. It was kinda interesting since most people have either trashed their Oilers gear or packed it away for a future garage sale.

Not Ashley. She told us the Oilers were still dear to her heart, specifically the original NFL gunslinger Warren Moon.

Warren Moon is definitely my favorite Oiler. He was an awesome player, fun to watch when I was a kid, and I also love that he wore #1! His birthday just passed (November 18) – so happy belated birthday to him!

Of course we have a message into Warren Moon’s PR team to maybe get Ashley a meet-and-greet the next time Warren is in the Oklahoma area. Something tells us he won’t pass up the opportunity. (We’ve been getting intel reports lately from Seattle where we hear Warren usually hangs out at a certain casino and chicks are possibly swinging from his arms and legs.)

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving to Ashley, Warren and all those Oilers fans out there still reminiscing about the AFC Central days.

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