This Chick Still The Best Turkey Gobbler Of All Time [Video]


Listen, honey, don’t let that dick co-host of yours ruin your dreams of being a legendary turkey gobbler. With over 3mm views, the Busted Coverage team can confirm that you are still the turkey gobbler queen. And that is in only 11 months on YouTube.

We seem to remember watching this like seven months ago but it’s so much better on the day when we celebrate that giant bird cooked to perfection on our table. Gobble, gobble!

Posted: Dec. 2, 2010

Premise of Video: Scott Paulson has brought a turkey call with him to the set of San Diego Living. Appropriately, he asks the chick to give the call a blow. Now, looking back, this one might have been even funnier if the dickish Ron Burgundy sidekick would have given the call a blow. Maybe someone will upload the behind-the-scenes video when Ron got his hands on that toy.

Climax of Video: Um, you need our help with that?

Conclusion: You get something that big and black near her mouth and, well, it’s go time.

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