OSU Mirror Lake Jump 2011: This Broad Screaming “F$%^ Michigan” [Video]

Of course we’ve been looking for 2011 OSU Mirror Lake flasher videos because that’s what those of you stuck at work on the biggest non-New Year’s bar night of the year are hoping for. Sorry, but we can show you this dumb, drunken broad last night who will one day find this video online and start harassing us about “I’m getting a lawyer if you don’t take down that video.” Um, not us honey. Sounds like your weed hookup is the one using his iPhone.

Good luck getting a job in Michigan after this.

Posted: Last night

Premise of Video: Last night was the annual Mirror Lake Jump at Ohio State where students get wasted and then go swimming in a cesspool lake on campus to celebrate Michigan week. Traditions rule!

Climax of Video: Well, she drops lots of f-bombs. Penalty strokes assessed for not making out with her friend.

Conclusion: Thought the guy working that camera was black and then watched some of his other work. Seriously, he’s white. Oh, and how did the one F$%^ Michigan dude get blasted in the face. Gonna leave a black eye for Thanksgiving, bro. Better come up with an MMA story.