Jimmer Really Can Dance Like A Black Dude [Video, Photos]


We pretty much wrote former BYU, would-be Sacrament Kings guard Jimmer Fredette off as your typical white boy — no rhythm.

Look at the evidence. Not only is he white, but he went to BYU, he’s whipped by his girlfriend and his name is Jimmer. So who would have thunk he could dance? Sure as hell not us!

Well, we were wrong. At least, it appears that way.

Here’s Jimmer Fredette breaking it down with Isaiah Thomas at center court before a charity game at UC Davis. Apparently, John Wall was in the arena, but he wouldn’t dance.

Probably intimidated by Jimmer.

Date Posted: November 20, 2011

Premise of Video: Jimmer Fredette, America’s sweetheart, breaks some shit down at center court and not in a basketball way. Who says white people can’t dance?

Climax of Video: It’s all Jimmer. Isaiah Thomas can’t compete and John Wall? Well, John Wall and his bullshit dougie don’t even want any of that!

Conclusion: We revoked Jimmer’s man card last week, but we’re considering giving it back.

[Isaiah Thomas Twitter]

[Jimmer Fredette Twitter]

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