Alabama Hospital: Is Your Baby Rooting For Alabama Or Auburn? [PHOTO]

In our search for all things obscure related to the Auburn vs. Alabama Iron Bowl we came across a questionnaire from an Alabama hospital that wants new parents to tell them what team their newborn son or daughter is rooting for. Of course we’ve always heard these hospitals are kooky about this rivalry, but now we get to actually see how kooky. Alabama sports writer Brian App’s wife popped out a kid recently & this was waiting for him yesterday. 

App tweeted yesterday:

This was by my son’s crib at the hospital. Yup, it’s Iron Bowl week.

Um, looking at the piece of paper, how is it that a baby is undecided? Isn’t that something a divided house talks about before the kid pops? One gets to name the kid and the other gets to choose his/her rooting interests?

Think we’re kidding? Look at this 2005 story in the Shoals newspaper, the Times-Daily.

As a Bama fan, would you dare let your wife check ‘Other’ because she wants your son to make his own decisions in life? No f-ing way, right?

And how exactly are the babies celebrating? Are they going to record a message for the Paul Finebaum show where they scream on cue? So many damn questions about this questionnaire. So little time. Somebody get me a turkey leg.


War Damn Eagle To You Too, Homeboys [Morning Twitpic]
War Damn Eagle To You Too, Homeboys [Morning Twitpic]
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