Woooooo! Pig Sooey! Whoop His Ass! Another Arkansas Fan Fight! [Video]


We gave you the one-punch knockout from the Arkansas-Mississippi State tailgate yesterday, but we’ve got something better for you today.

Yes, it again comes during the tailgate prior to the Razorbacks demolition of the Bulldogs because, hey, they obviously like to brawl down there in The Dirty South. This one features a badass running commentary, though.

You get gems like, “Don’t play wit ‘im! Run down on ‘im!” and “Woo! Pig Sooey! Whoop his ass!”

Classic stuff.

Date Posted: Nov. 20. 2011

Premise of Video: Two rednecks get ready to fight before the Arkansas Razorbacks football game last Saturday. They eventually get into it, but the epic running commentary is as good as, if not better, than the fight itself.

Climax of Video: Hell, “Woo! Pig Sooey! Whoop his ass!” is the funniest moment, but that’s close to the beginning. Maybe it’s when the announcer turns the camera on himself and sings, “Everybody got their ass whiiiiiiiped!”

Conclusion: This guy definitely has a future announcing drunken parking lot fights involving rednecks.

[This Arkansas tailgate fight includes some epic running commentary]

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