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Habs-Bruins Fan Fight In The 100 Level! [VIDEO]

Just getting around to this one that JT at sent to us overnight. JT’s blog is all things Montreal Canadiens so threw in some backstory to what went on last night between Habs and Bruins fan. “Anyway, itĀ happenedĀ in the red section (lower level) with about a minute left to play. The refs and Tim Thomas took a look at the fight.”

Of course they took a look at this rodeo. We have an ass kickin’ in progress, boys. Get some!

Posted: Today

Premise of Video: This is from last night’s Montreal-Boston game as things in the aforementioned 100 level get ugly, in a good way for us guys who make a living via you idiots.

Climax of Video: Um, that might be the first time a guy one row below another combatant whipped the ass of the guy above him. 2-on-1 isn’t really fair to shirtless guy.

Conclusion: Adjusting the U.S. dollar, Darren Rovell tells us those seats sell for $300-450 per game. How a fight broke out in those seats continues to boggle our mind. Kudos, though, because it’s a fight like this that makes Thanksgiving week interesting.

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