Brett Favre Just Killing Mule Deer In Colorado During Retirement [PHOTO]


Where was Brett Favre around the time the Houston Texans might have been wanting to give him a call about their QB situation? Oh, just in the middle of nowhere Colorado killing the giant elk you see here. In our ongoing effort to keep track of the Gunslinger for you, we came across this photo of Brett and his kill. ‘Tis that time of year when hunters drop wild animals. What else you expect this guy to do during his retirement? Sit at home and text? 

According to @BIGDADDY__74:

duuude my uncle up in CO went hunting with brett favre

That photo was posted November 17. On November 15, Southern Miss beat writer Patrick Magee tweeted that the Slinger was out of the house.

Brett Favre was at Southern Miss football practice today… he and coach Larry Fedora “talked hunting”

And that’s where the trail goes dead. Maybe he’s camped out at a cabin in the woods. Maybe he’s back in Hattiesburg gettin’ that rack mounted.

(A BC Thanksgiving Week Tradition: athletes who’d bust a cap for their Thanksgiving meal.)

Update: a reader tells us that’s a mule deer. Such a shame Favre wasted a shot on a juiced up ‘deer.’ Dude should have saved it for an elk.

Have you run into Brett Favre at the gas station or at the local grocery store? Seen him in some Colorado mountain village trashing Aaron Rodgers? We want to hear your story.

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