26 Best Ohio State Mirror Lake Drunken Photo Moments

So the logical thinking when the Big Ten went to a bye week and forced the Ohio State0-Michigan game to post-Thanksgiving, was that the annual Mirror Lake Jump would include blizzard conditions and frostbite. Um, it’s in the low 50s with torrential downpours in Ohio on this lovely November day.

Perfect conditions for tonight’s swim, a rite of passage for OSU students who think swimming in a cesspool is a good idea.

But, wait, the biggest news this year is the possibility that lightning will cancel the festivities:

Bob Armstrong, director of Emergency Management & Fire Prevention from the OSU Department of Public Safety, said he does not know what to expect for a turn out because of the weather.

“I can’t remember the last time we had 60-some-odd degrees and thunderstorms at the end of November for a Mirror Lake jump,” Armstrong said. “I don’t know that there is a precedent that we can apply for this.”

Armstrong said if lightning is spotted close to Mirror Lake, Public Safety will evacuate the lake.

“If we identify any lightning within a 10-mile radius of Mirror Lake, we are going to ask people to leave the lake, because it’s not safe to be in a body of water with lightning close,” Armstrong said.

Lightning? Like that’ll matter after pounding 16 Nattys after class this afternoon. Bro, seriously as long as you’re wearing rubber sole shoes you’ll be all good.

We expect the students will┬ápersevere and add to our growing list of great Mirror Lake moments. This event is our baby. The show must go on. It’s Michigan week, dammit.

[Lightning to halt Mirror Lake jump?]