Jerry Sandusky Book On EBay With Creepy “Enjoyed You At Camp” Message


We’ve told you about disgraced former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky’s book, Touched — The Jerry Sandusky Story before. If that title weren’t creepy enough in light of the child molestation allegations, you can now buy an even creepier version of the book on eBay.

How could it be any creepier? The book is allegedly signed by Sandusky with a special message to an attendee of his football camp. The inscription reads: “To Jake, I really enjoyed you at camp! Best Wishes! Jerry Sandusky.”

The seller’s story goes like this.

My son attended [Sandusky’s camp] back in 2003- in Erie Pa, at Penn state satellite college- want this out of the house & recoup the high cost we pd to have a pervert run a football camp for high school football players
We bought this book, because he pushed it on the campers- so when parents came to pick them up after camp was over- they all wanted their parents to buy it-

inscription reads- “to Jake, I really enjoyed you at camp! Best wishes ! Jerry Sandusky

can you believe that! Burn in Hell Sandusky!

The starting bid is $150 and as of the time we wrote this — no bidders, which isn’t terribly surprising.

There have apparently been some questions about the authenticity of the signature, since the message is written in two different colors. The specific message to Luke is in purple marker, while “best wishes” and the signature are in black. The seller claims Sandusky pre-signed each book before the camp and then wrote individual messages in them if people bought them.

Frankly, the handwriting looks the same, despite the different color ink. Of course, we don’t want the damn thing, so we really don’t care.

If you’d like it, use your judgment. More details are available on the sale page.

[Touched — The Jerry Sandusky Story signed on eBay]

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