Jason Kidd Unloading His Dallas Crash Pad For $1.6MM [BC Pad Purveyors]


Is this Jason Kidd’s way of telling Jason Kidd that his days as a Dallas Mavericks PG are over? The Dallas condo goes on the market during the NBA lockout which looks like it’s going to deep six the entire season. Kidd turns 39 in March. We’re pretty sure this is the sign that homeboy won’t be spending very many more nights in his 21st floor Azure condo. $1.6 million gets you Dallas views and a gourmet kitchen.

TMZ scooped us on this one over the weekend, reporting that Kidd was selling his “PIMPED OUT” pad. But we went searching deeper and found the Zillow listing for this condo and can report that if you purchase Kidd’s place, he’ll throw in $33,000 in property taxes.

That’s right, for $1.6, you also get to pay the 2012 taxes. Not a bad deal in a down economy.

Jason Kidd’s Dallas Condo Details:

• 3 bed, 3.5 baths

• Hardwood and stone floors

• SubZero appliances!

• Balcony fireplace for killer keggers

• Four-car garage

• Open floor plan because a house with walls these days are useless

Price: $1.595,000

Mortgage: $6,000 per month (30-year fixed)

[Buy Jason Kidd’s Dallas Condo]

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