Ice Kube Ends Arkansas Tailgating Fan Fight With One Punch! [VIDEO]


Yep, Ice Kube (name we gave him) has had enough of Arkansas homie acting like a fool Saturday during tailgating prior to the Razorbacks destroying Mississippi State. (Note: we had to rip this video from the original uploader because he/she can’t rotate a video.) It’s about time we received an award-winning KO from a college football tailgate. The well was getting dry.

Kudos to all involved who make this one a top-10 of 2011 candidate.

Posted: November 20, 2011

Premise of Video: Bundy looks like he’s been scrapping with someone at this Arkansas tailgate. Note the straw on his Wal-Mart hoodie. From the look of things he’d been drinkin’ some good stuff Saturday afternoon. Probably cheap whiskey, but that’s good stuff to a dude who roots for Arkansas.

Climax of Video: Well, that punch is about as climatic as it gets.

Conclusion: We suspect Bundy woke up yesterday trying to figure out how a softball had been implanted into his skull. Also, whata great punch from Kube. Look at how he sizes up Bundy to drop that sequoia and avoid having to put together a combination. And one more thing, what an escape move by Bundy rolling under a jacked up truck. Brilliant!

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