Armed Chris Kaman Gutting Deer, Calls Hater A ‘Douche’ [PHOTOS]


Los Angeles Clippers center Chris Kaman was actually able to go deer hunting this year, since he isn’t playing basketball. The gun deer hunting season opened over the weekend in Kaman’s native Michigan and the out-of-work baller took advantage.

Oh, and he let all of his Twitter followers know about it with this tweet Friday night.

Going hunting all weekend and it starts at 5am tomorrow morning!!! Hopefully I will have pics of dead deer to post this weekend!

Of course, some people didn’t think too much of Kaman going hunting and potentially killing something and they told him so. Kaman, invariably, replied by calling them douche. Here are our favorite exchanges.

3pt shot?! Ok douche!!! @yung_jerito: @ChrisKaman practice on your 3 point shots instead of your head shots. Lol

It’s called hunting not gang banging douche! @Sandman42nyy: @ChrisKaman good example for kids mr kaman… Good work..

There were others, of course, but the point is, Kaman really likes to use the word douche.

As for the hunt, there wasn’t much action. In fact, Kaman tweeted a couple times from his blind about how bored he was.

On Saturday morning he let a six-point buck walk because he thought it was too small. On Sunday, someone else in Kaman’s hunting party killed what looks like a doe and the big man gutted it, tweeting, “I am sick with a knife.”

Nice hunting beard, bro!

[Chris Kaman Twitter]

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