Odds Jay Cutler’s Chick Gave It Up To Soldiers At Marine Ball? [PHOTOS]


Maybe we’ve sold Kristin Cavallari short.

Probably not, but maybe. She did a solid by going to the Marine Corps Ball in Temecula, California last night with Lance Cpl. Jonathan Burkett.

Burkett asked Cavallari to the ball via Twitter and she accepted. And we’ll first of all congratulate Burkett for having the stones to do so. Well done, son!

Of course, he’s a Marine. We’d expect nothing less.

As they say — Kill ’em all. Let God sort ’em out!

TMZ tells us KCav was a hot date and she didn’t even pull any Hollywood shit.

We’re told Kristin was a helluva date — taking pictures with anyone who asked. KC didn’t try to pull any of that Hollywood early exit crap — we’re told she stayed at the party until they shut the place down.

Burkett tells us, “[Kristin] was awesome for sure. She looked very beautiful. [Jay] Cutler is a lucky guy.”

We salute her for that.

And speaking of JCut, he saluted Burkett too, even though dude was totally scamming on his woman. The two had this exchange earlier today.

@JayCutler6 hey man glad she was able to come! You have an awesome gf and hopefully wife! Keep playing well hopefully Steelers vs Bears!

@JBurkett86 Thanks man. She is the best. We appreciate all your sacrifices. Let me know if I can ever help with anything.

Gotta say. If I weren’t a Green Bay Packers fan, I might think that no-talent SOB was alright.

Seriously though, like JCut, BC salutes our troops. This is where most people say, “Thanks for keeping us safe.” Well, we’re not most people, so we’ll say this.

Thanks for being some badass motherfuckers and thanks for making us the goddam U.S. of A!


[Hard Corps Date to Marine Ball]

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