Lingerie Football League’s Chloe Butler: “Kinda Happy I Broke QB’s Arm” [PHOTOS]

So you thought all those broads playing in the Lingerie Football League were just a bunch of dainty pieces of eye candy? Think again.

The Los Angeles Temptation’sĀ Chloe Butler is, in fact, one badass bitch. And before you start thinking of some big-boned horse with a butter face, we’re going to tell you straight up — she’s also hot. She recently broke the arm of Minnesota Valkyrie quarterbackĀ Jana Skrtic.

Oh, and she liked it!

“I feel a little bit bad. I broke the Minnesota quarterback’s arm in our first game. I was kind of happy for our team that I put her out of the game but I felt bad thinking, ‘What if it were me?’.

“I guess that’s the way it is in sport. You win some, you lose some.

“Injuries are all part of it.”

Damn straight!

You wouldn’t hear LaMarr Woodley bitching if he broke Michael Vick’s ribs on a legal hit, but then, this is the nature of the woman.

As for Butler, here’s the short story. She’s Australian, a former world-class hurdler and is seen as the LFL’s bridge to the continent of Australia, where, apparently anyone who does anything in America is a hero.

Take this, for instance, which is from The Daily Telegraph:

She is now earning fame and fortune as an Aussie enforcer in front of a global television audience of 65 million. The league features 12 teams, playing seven-on-seven, full-contact grid iron with modified rules barring kicks.

Its top stars are rumoured to earn up to six figures through playing, endorsements and appearances.

Hmmmm… Fame and fortune? Okay, depending on your definition. 65 million? Uhhhhhh… according to who? Six figures? Well, maybe. I doubt it, but if you say so. Anyway, who gives a sh$%? The bottom line is this: Chloe Butler is hot, so what are we going to do? Give you some Chloe Butler!

And hey, here’s the video of said broken arm. Bonus: one of the coaches turns over a table in the locker room to fire the troops up.

[Aussie Chloe Butler is a big hit in the Lingerie Football League]