JESUS CHRIST! Hospital More Important To Tebow Than Beating Jets [VIDEO]


Cut the bullshit, Tebow, we’re onto you. This act where hospitals are more important to you than beating the Jets is the biggest line of horseshit we’ve ever heard. Of course your ‘faith’ requires you to say that some stupid hospital in the Philippines is more important than beating that fat turd Rex Ryan. Dude, are we to believe that building hospitals is possible if you aren’t going Baby Jesus on a 95-yard drive.

You don’t see Brady Quinn or Prius-driving Kyle Orton building a goddamn thing from the bench.

Posted: Last night

Premise of Video: NFL Network desk jockey Rich Eisen can’t get this question out. “Tim, how the f#$% do you explain your sorry ass performance as an NFL QB, yet you just won the game?” Instead he rambles only to be saved by Tebow who breaks it down as only Tebowner can.

Climax of Video: Did he just say that building a hospital in the Philippines was more important than beating the Jets? Did he say his goal with football is to be a role model? Yes – he did.

Conclusion: Let us break it down for you, Baby Jesus. Yes, you are blessed with some skills. No, you weren’t doubted coming out of college. There wasn’t a college coach in the country who wouldn’t allow you to preach to his choir. Now, those hospitals aren’t getting built without you actually playing football. Holding a clipboard and wearing that goofy ass Broncos hat on the sideline wasn’t getting hospitals built. Now, quit with the jagoff talking points that the Bible thumpers love you spewing. You get this team to the playoffs and your ass will be building so many hospitals you’ll have thousands of virgin nurses to chose from.


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