Is Anna Kournikova Pregnant? [PHOTOS]


We need the Busted Coverage female readership to weigh in on this one. Is that bloat or does Anna Kournikova have a bun in the oven? These photos were snapped this week as Iglesias took his girlfriend for a boat ride to help her relax after that Biggest Loser debacle. Our eyes were instantly glued to the ab region which is usually quite chiseled, almost to the point that ARod would treat her like a queen.

Pregnancy rumors are nothing new for Kournikova as her followers wait to see what kind of beautiful offspring her and Enrique are capable of. The difference between the past pregger rumors and this time is that we get to see the washboard that looks more like a Kurt Warner washboard.

You know what we’re talking about. The bloated quarterback washboard. Just enough to get away with calling it a washboard but it’s really a Five Guys away from being fat.

The Daily Mail even has photos of Enrique kissing her stomach. Has to mean something. Either that’s how he reminds her that sex is a boat ride away or there really is a bun.

Of course we’re glued to this one.

[Tum-ting to tell us Anna? A rounded Miss Kournikova]

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