23 Greatest Tim Tebow F-Bomb Tweets After ‘The Drive’


In the old days of NASCAR you could tell who won on Sunday by what cars were selling on Monday. It’s 2011 and we know how Tim Tebow won last night. You hear that cash register in Denver, Tampa, Colorado Springs, New York City? Yeah, that would be Baby Jesus jerseys flying off the rack. We also know that Tebow’s street cred is skyrocketing by the number of black guys who’ve been converted. Folks, this phenomenon is just beginning. The Lord is 4-1. 

Of course white America was already behind Baby Jesus. There’s nothing more impressive to white America – especially the Bible Belt – than a white guy playing a black man’s sport and pulling out improbable wins.

But all you need to do is make a Tebow search on Twitter and check out the black dudes who are now telling Baby Jesus to remind his critics to f$%^ off. Guys, this is the beginning of something revolutionary.

Is Tim Tebow about to become a hero to the black community? It looks that way!

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