11 Best Pro Wrestling Microphone Jockeys


Busted Coverage’s Wrestling Week concludes with Wrestling Microphone Jockeys. To be successful in wrestling you not only need to be in peak physical condition, but you must also be able to work the mic with the best of them. Want to make a fortune in wrestling? Your pipes better be talented. Imagine if Hulk Hogan had a stuttering issue. Imagine the Iron Sheik without an Iranian accent. What would Ric Flair be without WOOOOOO!? Here are the best of the best.

We’ve had a great week covering nearly ever aspect of what makes pro wrestling a great American entertainment option. When a Monday Night Football game gets out of hand you’ll always have Raw. The Wrestling Week project was the work of Robert The Intern. The guy went nuts racking his brain with years of useless knowledge when it comes to wrestling. But we’re grateful for his outstanding efforts.


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