South Park Drops Some Penn State Child Rape Jokes [VIDEO]

Who’s up for some Penn State rape jokes? South Park! At this point in the Penn State Rape Scandal® it’s time for the comedians to weigh in with references to kids, cops, counselors and clowns. Of course South Park was offensive. Of course Penn State fans are pissed. Of course we don’t think child rape is funny, yet we ‘get’ the humor associated with this scene.

“Neverland Ranch, a Catholic church or Penn State University?” Your choice, kids.

Posted: Last night

Premise of Video: Child rape. Comedy. Penn State. Cartoon. You get the picture here, right?

Climax of Video: “Joe Paterno doesn’t walk into a police station.”

Conclusion: 3.5 stars out of 5. Was there a McQueary character? Missed most of the episode. Just what South Park needs: a pussy ginger who claims he stopped Sandusky from ramming a young boy, but is probably lying.

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