Janny Kanellis Is Little Sister Of WWE Diva Maria Kanellis [78 PHOTOS]

As a sidenote to this Busted Coverage Wrestling Week celebration, our editors have discovered that WWE Diva Maria Kanellis has a little sister, Janny, who happens to be a University of Illinois dance team member. We’ve done our research and learned that Janny is out to prove that she’s more than Maria’s little sister. Of course we want to help her with that dream so the least we could do is show you guys 78 photos of her greatest work.

In her 2011-2012 Illinette profile we learn:

Most embarrassing dance moment: My sophomore year on Illinettes, we did a performance at a high school football game. We were rehearsing halftime on the field and it was pouring rain. The field was really muddy and we were supposed to do a turn into a kick. After the turn I lost my footing and fell flat in the mud. I had mud all over me and I was already soaking wet from the rain. We were dancing in front of the band so everyone saw me wipe out!! Thank goodness it was just rehearsal…

What you’re looking forward to this year: I think that this year I am just looking foreword to bonding with the team and doing everything I can to make the most out of my last year on Illinettes.

While Maria’s career is starting to tank, it makes total sense for Janny to now become the breadwinner in this family. We see big things in her future. Maybe some rap video dancing. A Prince backup dancer. Or, worst-case scenario, WWE Diva. And don’t forget the ultimate prize, a Playboy shoot like her big sister.

(The big news here is that we now have a reason to watch Illinois football and basketball games. Without the hot sister, Zooker doesn’t even get a peek on a Saturday afternoon.)

Know of a hot sister combo we need to know about? Send us some intel & photos.

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