Chantel Claims Pool Cue Stuck In Her Nose For 12 Years

You know how every now and then the day after eating spaghetti you’ll cough and the next thing you know a strand is coming out your nose? Yeah, happens to the best of us. Well some dumb broad in the U.K. wants us to believe she’s had a pool cue stuck up her nose for 12 YEARS! That’s right, a pool cue just logged right up in that big schnoz. Chantel Faill says the cue popped loose the other day during a coughing fit. What about the nuts logged in those cheeks.

And of course the U.K. media is on this one like Jerry Sandusky riding a 10-year-old:

The mother-of-three was in a pub on Boxing Day when a male friend – who was carrying a pool cue – picked her up in a bear hug.

But he leant forward as he put her down and speared Chantel in the top of the right hand side of her mouth with the cue.

She was rushed to hospital but medics were unable to do anything to her wound as it was in her mouth and sent her home with painkillers.

Former chambermaid Chantel had suffered painful headaches, eye infections and a constant runny nose ever since the incident. But her doctor was unable to come up with a cure.

Her suffering ended as suddenly as it had begun when she coughed – and felt a hard object shoot into her mouth.

Chantel discovered the tip of the pool cue encased in a two cm sized piece of flesh – which had turned green inside her head.

She rushed to hospital where doctors told her she was lucky to be alive and explained how the tip must have worked its way through her cheek bone into her sinuses.

You know, kinda not buying this one. What are the chances all this happens 12 years ago. A pool cue goes through her face, is removed (minus the tip) and nobody starts asking questions where Willie Mosconi left the tip?


We have a friend request into this broad to do our normal investigations. So far we haven’t been able to locate a pre-U.K. media blitz pic of her. It’s our belief that you should be able to tell before/after by looking at the schnoz. A pool cue doesn’t just live in that region without leaving a mark. Impossible.

[Cough dislodged a pool cue tip] [Chantel Faill – Facebook]

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