19 All-Time Greatest Divas in Wrestling History

Busted Coverage’s Wrestling Week rolls on the 19 Greatest Divas In Wrestling History. Of course wrestling is awesome yes, but it can get a little hard on the eyes watching these sweaty, half-naked men grabbing each other throughout a show. WWE brass knows this and that is why they introduced divas to the world of wrestling. Some are pretty talented wrestlers, but on the whole divas are on the show to be eye candy…not that there is anything wrong with that. There have been divas that wowed us, divas that bored us & divas that made us drool.

Wrestling Week would have been a giant disaster if we didn’t weigh in on the ladies that will never let you even remotely get them in a figure four leg lock.

History of ‘Diva’ term as used in WWE lexicon:

Sunny, who debuted in WWE (then known as the World Wrestling Federation, or WWF) in 1995 as the manager of The Bodydonnas (a bodybuilder-themed tag team) and went on to manage several other tag teams and singles wrestlers, has claimed to have been the “Original Diva”, although this is widely disputed. Sunny’s character was at first a continuation of the female manager that had been popular throughout the 1980s and early 1990s. Over time, the character was significantly sexualized, whereas prior female managers, such as Miss Elizabeth, were depicted as being involved in either platonic or romantic storylines. Despite Sunny’s reinvention of the female role within the company, the term “Diva” was not used to denote females working for the WWF until long after she was released in 1998.

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