Shannon James Is Hunter Pence’s Playboy Girlfriend [36 PHOTOS]


This is just the kind of news that’ll send the Internet into a feeding frenzy for 2-3 days. We now know that Phillies dork Hunter Pence is dating Playboy Miss May 2007 Shannon James, a Philadelphian. This isn’t one of those cases where we’re guessing they’re dating. James and Pence are dating to the point that they left this morning for a Cabo vacation. Update your WAG lists. Update your Hottest Phillies Wives & Girlfriends lists. Pence hit the hot chick jackpot.

Last night, James sent the Philadelphia Internet media into a tizzy when she Instagram-ed a shot of her and Hunter. There was word in August that the two might be an item, but last night solidified the theory.

The photo was one of those, ‘We’re just hanging out at my rich boyfriend’s place. Isn’t he the greatest!’ moments. Then James brought the thunder 54 minutes ago.

In route to Cabo with my man :)

Look, how can we blame Pence in this situation? The guy would be getting 7s in the outside world without the baseball gig. You throw a Phillies jersey and a salary arbitration (this winter) next to his name and you have a WAG’s dream come true.

James, smelling blood in the water, goes on a Jersey ChasingĀ® odyssey where she hangs out at all the parties thrown by Jimmy Rollins, Ryan Howard, Cole Hamels, etc. One Playmate tells Pence he needs to meet James and the rest is history.

Know of a MLB, NFL, NHL, WNBA WAG we need to report on? Send word.

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