We’re Revoking Jimmer Fredette’s Man Card [Photo]

Men will do a lot of things for a hot piece of ass. We know this because we do lots of things for hot pieces of ass. Sacramento Kings rookie guard — you know, if there was an NBA season — went a little bit too far for Halloween, though.

Fredette and his long-time WAG and BYU cheerleader¬†Whitney Wonnacott did the same thing every wholesome, cute couple does for the holiday — coordinated costumes.


What’s worse is they went as Cruella de Vil and a dalmatian from 101 Dalmatians. Of course Jimmer would get down on all fours to pose for a photo with his old lady sitting on his back.

You know wearing a full doggy suit wasn’t enough. No one would have understood you were a dalmatian if you were standing up like a normal man with a ball sack, Jimmer.

Oh, and don’t forget the face paint and doggy ears.

You better hope there’s an NBA season and you’re dropping 30 a game like in college because until then you’re man card is revoked!

[Whitney Wonnacott РTwitter]  [@jimmerfredette]


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