FSU Chick Arrested After Getting Punchy At Miami Game [VIDEO]


Remember when the Miami-Florida State series was all about which side could out thug the other? Miami will barely get bowl eligible this year and Florida State is laboring through a 7-3 season. Back in 2007 we could guarantee numerous keg stand videos from this series. Today we’re lucky to get Noles chick throwing a punch at some punk running his/her mouth. The real story here is the row of blondes behind the action.

Just watch their reaction to this video.

Posted: November 14, 2011

Premise of Video: At first we thought that was a Miami chick throwing the punch. After further investigation, that is a Noles sweatshirt. Cops are just doing their thing when ‘Katie’ decides to get one last drunken moment of stupidity in before being escorted to a police vehicle.

Climax of Video: Watch the Kappa Deltas gasp as ‘Katie’ throws that punch. OMG!

Conclusion: Ladies, ever thought about doing some SFW Scar-Jo type photos for Uncle Busted? Let’s talk. It’ll be great for your career.


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