Ella Magers In Bikini & Boyfriend ARod Just Dozing Off [PHOTOS]

Just when you thought ARod really was just getting exercise advice from stripper pole expert Ella Magers, now comes word that the Cameron Diaz ripoff was on Centaur’s Miami palace terrace in her bikini. Cameras, yesterday, caught Magers just destroying the Miami sun with grotesque abs and those funky hip muscle lines. A month ago everyone was saying Ella was just ‘working out’ ARod. This kinda confirms there is more to the relationship. 

Our tipsters sent word that the Daily Mail was all over this story. What did we learn from ARod’s terrace day with Magers? Not much but it seems he really like Fiji water. Dude has to stay hydrated with all the sex that has to be going on in this new relationship.

Could you imagine chasing Magers around this palace as she swings from ceiling beam to ceiling beam. If we were Yankees fan we’d be scared that ARod will come to Spring Training completely exhausted.

This bares watching.

[The Daily Mail]

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